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"Mr. Spock - I presume?!
Science Fiction in German Companies"
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Abstract zum Vortrag auf der 8th European Conference
on Creativity and Innovation "Cross Cultural Innovation"
vom 3.-6.9.2003 in Mainz

This presentation shows how science fiction can be used in innovation projects and creativity training and what experience has been gained with this approach in a large chemical company, a supplier to the automotive industry and an engineering company.

Science Fiction Inspires Innovation
Blue air from alpha centauri
Science fiction is rarely utilized as a source of new ideas. In a project of the European Space Organisation ESA, science fiction novels are being systematically scanned for new ideas and possible solutions to technical problems. Ideas gained from science fiction can also be transferred to product development.

Brave New Worlds
The model of "other worlds" can be applied successfully for a portfolio representation or when looking for and selecting new fields of interest, in particular, taking unfamiliar but promising fields into consideration.

Star Trek - Teams
The protagonists Spock, Scotty and Captain Kirk from the Star Trek series represent three different ways of thinking and acting. The evaluation method "Star Trek -Team" makes conscious use of these different points of view thus enabling the opportunities arising from these ideas to be recognised and considered.

Science Fiction Expands Creativity
Asimov versus Dubbel
The "Dubbel" is the standard handbook for engineers. It may and must be read during work. The same should apply to science fiction classics by Asimov, because science fiction helps to increase one's ability to accept new ideas, to get used to thinking in alternatives and to think through and to develop "impossible" thoughts.
For this reason, science fiction can also be used for creativity training.

"Schweigende Meetings"
"Bionik und Innovation"
"Mr. Spock - I presume?! Science Fiction in German Companies"
"Ideenfindung für Innovation neu inszeniert"
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